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Hello readers! I am doing a circle lens review again and it is from Klenspop! Thank you so much for sending these, and for the opportunity to review your awesome circle lens again. :)

Please take note that all of my reviews are 100% honest whether sponsored or not.

Klenspop has sent me a different lens this time, and it is a new released circle lens which is the Bunny 3Color Gray!

The circle lens arrived less than 2 weeks via registered mail! That was so fast, considering that on my last review I got the circle lens for less than 3 weeks. Maybe because it was held at custom for a long time.

Klenspop is one of the leading Korean circle lens shop. They are becoming widely known for their high quality and gorgeous lenses that they sell. From circle, toric, and clear lens they are all available in Klenspop and you can choose from the wide selection of lenses that they have, and not only that they also have an amazing price, and they also offer some discounts too. 
Other items such as cosmetics, snap back, glasses and underwear are also available in Klenspop. You can go check out their awesome and pretty website to see more of their products!

Anyway, I'm going to start with my review!

The box is secured with the bubble wrap. (I love bubble wraps because they are so fun to play with)
It comes in a Contact Lens Manual.

Diameter: 14.5mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.3mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%
Manufacturer: KLENSPOP
Country of Origin: South Korea
Package: 1 Pair (2 pcs) + Bonus Lens Case
Price: $18.00

The vial's design is super cute!!

As you can see it has a black, green and light brown color onto it, and the pattern is fine too. 

Klenspop always provides a manual on How to Use the Contact Lens, which is a very good thing most especially for the first time lens wearer who are still new on how to put and take care of the lens.

At the back of the box you can also see an instruction on how to properly put the lens on your eyes.

As always, Klenspop always include a plastic tweezer to help you to pick the lens easily.

Can you see how gorgeous this lens is? 


(under different lights)

(infront of the light)

(normal look)

(infront of the sunlight)

(Selfies! Sorry for my face)

I totally love this Bunny 3Color Gray from Klenspop! From the patterns of this lens, to the comfort that it has, I am extremely satisfied. It doesn't really make my eyes look dolly but it enhances and gives a really pretty look! I didn't even expected that this would look like a gray color because when I saw the actual lens it has a pattern of green and brown, It surprises me a lot when I saw that it really is a gray color! I am so amazed on how pretty it looks on my eyes, I definitely recommend this for smokey eyes makeup look because this lens makes a such great combination. Overall I would rate this lens 5/5!

You can go purchase this at Klenspop at the price of $18!
Check it here

If you want to have a discount on your purchase, you can use this discount coupon code and you will have a $5 discount on your purchase! 
Discount Coupon Code: " WDK6RW1D "
(Please take note that is not applicable on pack lens, Acuvue, and Bausch&lomb)

Visit Klenspop on their website
You may also like their page on Facebook, Klenspop
& follow them on Instagram @klenspop

What are your thoughts about this new released circle lens from Klenspop?


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Remedy Genie
July 31, 2015 at 8:36 AM delete

Whoa! How cool are they! I would love to try some cool lenses some time but i feel pretty scared to put them in. I tried coloured lenses when i was younger and it didnt go too well haha. Maybe I will try again some time.Thanks for sharing :)